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I have been inspected and 100% approved

by the American Kennel Club 

My name is Pamela Mielke. I live just a few minutes from the finger lakes region with my husband, daughter and grandson. My puppies are miniature long hair dachshunds. I also occasionally have mini smooth coats. I am a small in home casual breeder. I am not a business, a kennel or puppy mill. I started as a teenager and was trained by some of the best breeders in my area. My dogs are my babies and they are an integral part of my family. They all live in the house with me. When my puppies are born they receive love and attention from me so that they will be loving, sociable pets. I am at my females side during delivery, even if it means staying up all night. I cut the emblematic cord to ensure there will not be a hernia. If a puppy does not receive attention it will more than likely turn into a timid scared animal. I reserve the right to refuse a sale to a puppy mill, puppy broker, or anyone I feel will not be suitable to raise a puppy, I am raising family members, not just dogs.

We live in a large farm house on 13 acres. All of my pets are current on vaccinations. My little ones are handled and loved daily. When you receive a puppy from me you can be assured that you are getting a happy,well socialized puppy, and it has received a lot of love from an early age.

When someone purchases a puppy from me I encourage them to stay in touch and contact me with any questions and send pictures when they are 6 months to a year old.

I will not ship my puppies because I will not put them through the stress. I care too much about my babies to put them through that. I also like to meet the people who are taking possession of my babies,because I reserve the right to refuse a sale after meeting the perspective buyers if I do not feel they will be suitable to purchase a puppy from me.

I will deliver up to 150 miles for an additional fee. I will not deliver to NYC or Jersey City.I will meet north of these cities.

    Please read the contract section.

All prices quoted is the pet price



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